Mesures against Covid 19

Your comfort and your health are our priority.
Also, in order to fight against the spread of covid 19, we have strengthened our apartment cleaning protocol by generalizing the use of virucidal and disinfectant products on all surfaces and textiles.
In addition, inside each place of residence, we wanted to put at your disposal disposable handkerchiefs, soap and hydroalcoholic gel.
Finally, aware of the lack of visibility and the difficulty that everyone may have to plan, we have modified our booking conditions by generalizing the principle of cancellation without charge until one day before arrival.

Of course, these provisions do not exempt you from adopting all the barrier measures decreed by the health authorities when putting you in contact with other people (washing your hands very frequently, coughing in your elbow, using handkerchiefs for use unique, observe a strict social distancing and wear a mask in cases where it is compulsory).

We are counting on you, as you are counting on us.
It is together that we will overcome this exceptional situation!